Ducky Toot-toot


“Give It Some Gas”

A children’s book on Bullying

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The Adventures of Ducky Toot-toot

For Mommy and Daddy Duck, the last duckling to hatch gave them quite a shock when his first quack produced a rumbling toot from his little ducky bottom. Endearing to his family, he is teased by the other ducks for this unusual talent, particularly by the mean-spirited Dowbel, the pond’s biggest bully. But Quackalina, the pretty duckling next door, likes him for who he is and becomes his best friend. When the day of the big relay race arrives, Quackalina’s team recruits him to substitute for a sick flyer. With the outcome of the race hanging in the balance, Ducky Toot-toot must face Dowbel if he is to bring home the trophy for his team.

Uproarious, imaginative, and decidedly clever, Ducky Toot-toot is a rollicking, fun-filled adventure that all children can relate to. This bodily-challenged duckling’s gift—and the social consequences that come with it—teaches the invaluable lesson that we are all different, and that it is our differences that make us unique and special.

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Sydney Jane Hill

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Norman Duckhill

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Michele Van Patten

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Hooray for our differences!

It is always great to cheer for the underdog! This is a great lesson on teasing and differences told for younger children. The illustrations are bold and vivid! Great read!

-Kirsten L. I.

Hilarious and educational!

What a great read. My son wants to constantly read this book to laugh and laugh. It’s great finding a book that is not only funny but teaches kids (and adults) valuable lessons on not making fun of people.

-Amazon Customer

Ducky Toot-toot

I’m almost a twelve-year-old, so not really as much into picture books anymore, but I read this book and wanted to read more! This story about a little duck that toots when he quacks, tells people not to be sad because of your differences, but to use them instead! Ducky Toot-toot is faced with a problem when a stronger duck starts teasing him about his gas. But in the end, you’ll just have to see who gets the last laugh!

– Shannon R.